How to apply for a Student Schengen Visa?

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Youth, in particular, is absorbent of new things, new memories and new places. Like Tennesse Williams wrote in Camino Real ‘Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.’ Considering these words of American dramaturg, it is worth traveling because basically there isn’t much more!

Therefore, if you are a student and you dream about going to another country for some time to study, you might need a Student Schengen Visa.

A Student Schengen Visa allows students to visit all the countries in the Schengen Zone, granted to third-country nationals wishing to travel and stay for a short period in any of the member states, under the purpose of studying.What is a Student Schengen Visa?

The Schengen Area is an entry permit for citizens, business people, many non-EU nationals and tourists to freely move around without being subjected to border checks. Since 1985, it has gradually grown and encompassed.

26 countries from the EEA (European Economic Area) signed the Schengen Visa Scheme.

Types of a Schengen Visa

The most popular visa is a Short Stay Visa, which allows you to stay in any 6 months for up to 90 days in the Schengen. Besides the most popular one, there are others which you can apply for:

  • Single-entry – allows entering the Schengen country only once for a certain time
  • Double-entry – allows its holder to enter the Schengen Zone twice
  • Multiple-entry – let you travel in and out in the Schengen Area in the period of 90 days
  • Airport Transit Visa – allows you to stay at the airport in a Schengen country but not leaving the area before your next destination
  • Transit Visa – needed while you’re travelling through a few  Schengen countries to your final destination outside of the Schengen zone

How to apply for a Student Schengen Visa?

Various countries apply and change details on their websites concerning Schengen visas. Nonetheless, individual countries are available from the respective Embassy or consular office. You can search for it on government websites.

Checking requirements carefully is crucial as some countries allow you to acquire an online form whereas others want you to book an appointment and fill a paper application form.

Please, check individual Embassy specifications as they might be slightly different depending on the country.

However, the mandatory documents for applying for the Schengen Student Visa are:

  • Valid passport – with a validity of at least 3 months after the end of your planned journey
  • The visa application form – available on the Embassy website, has to be filled correctly and honest, signed and printed
  • Proof of student status and academic qualifications
  • Letter of a College/University/School acceptance
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Evidence of a sufficient fund to cover a visit
  • Proof of residency – of being a resident or citizen of the country you are applying from and also where are you going to stay (accommodation proof)
  • Proof of travel insurance
  • Schengen visa fee

Sometimes you might be asked about some additional documents like the minor’s birth certificate, a declaration from school confirming, agreeing for a student absence or a declaration from both parents with signatures.

To successfully submit your Student Schengen Visa application, follow the 5 steps:5 steps to get the Student Schengen Visa
  1. Check where to apply for a Student Schengen Visa.
  2. Find and fill the application for a Short-Stay Visa.
  3. Prepare required documents and passport-sized photo to apply for a Student Schengen Visa.
  4. Make an appointment and attend an interview.
  5. Pay the student visa fee and wait for a response!

How to Study at the Colleges in Europe

Here are the steps to study in Europe for international students:

  1. Choose the country to Study in Europe
  2. Decide the Course and university of the country.
  3. Check Entry Requirements and Visa
  4. Apply for the Course online
  5. Receive your Offer Letter & I-20
  6. Decide your Final University
  7. Apply for your Visa
  8. Book your Accommodation and  Flight

Top European Countries to Study

The continent is made of more than 40 countries, so the first question should be about your study abroad destination. What is the best European country to study and work in according to your academic background? What are the best universities in Europe? What courses you should look forward to? Here is the deal.

There are a number of courses in Europe, in some of the top universities of the world. Depends completely on the individuals and their choices. There are courses ranging from hospitality and tourism management to Marine Engineering. There are a number of master’s and bachelor’s degrees to study in Europe. Here is all you need to know about top countries to study abroad in Europe: Best European Countries to Study and Work in Europe.

Apart from the mainstream courses, Universities in Europe also have many short courses in Europe for international students. These are

  • Language courses,
  • Part-time courses in Europe,
  • The programs under student exchange, or the
  • Short management courses in Europe.

If the universities teaching the course are in the Schengen area, and the course is for less than three months, a Schengen visa to study in Europe for short courses is preferred.


1. Study in UK

The all-time favourite of study abroad students, UK is home to best European Universities of all. When you think about study abroad programs, UK is one of the best countries in Europe for international students. A whooping 76 of the UK Universities feature in the top Universities in the world.

Top 5 Universities in UK:

Top Universities in UKWord Rankings
University of Oxford5
University of Cambridge6
Imperial College London8
University College London10
University of Edinburgh18

2. Study in Switzerland

On the second place, with beautiful landscapes and international hub for NGOs, Switzerland. An emerging Study abroad destination, home to 7 European University featuring in world rankings, Switzerland sits second in the list of best countries in Europe.

Top 5 Universities in Switzerland:

Top Universities in SwitzerlandWord Rankings
ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology7
EPFL – Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne22
University of Zurich78
University of Geneva108
University of Bern139

3. Study in France

Best option to study in Europe without IELTS. France is a complete blend of vibrant culture and history. If you want to study abroad in European University, France is one of the strong contenders for best countries in Europe for international students. Paris itself is the home to 17 Universities from the Top Universities, and total 35 Universities from France feature in the list.

Top 5 Universities in France:

Top Universities in FranceWord Rankings
PSL Research University50
Ecole Polytechnique65
Sorbonne University75
�cole Normale Sup�rieure de Lyon153

4. Study in Netherlands

The country of Canals and chilled out student city of Amsterdam, Netherlands is another one of the best countries in Europe. With each passing year, more and more international students willing to enrol in European University choose Netherlands as their Study Abroad destination.

Top 5 Universities in Netherlands:

Top Universities in NetherlandsWord Rankings
Delft University of Technology52
University of Amsterdam57
Eindhoven University of Technology99
University of Groningen120
Leiden University122

5. Study in Germany

Known for its automotive and manufacturing industry, Study in Germany for international students is a great study abroad option for the engineering branches in some of the best European Universities in the World. The Public Universities in Germany charge no tuition fees from the students.

Top 5 Universities in Germany:

Top Universities in GermanyWord Rankings
Technical University of Munich61
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich62
Heidelberg University64
KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology116
Humboldt University Berlin121

Honourable Mentions:

Apart from these 5 countries, these are other best countries in Europe to Study Abroad:

Best Countries in EuropeTop Universities in EuropeWorld Rankings
Study in Italy

Polytechnic University of Milan156
Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa175
University of Bologna180
Study in BelgiumKU Leuven81
Ghent University138
Catholic University of Louvain165
Study in SwedenLund University92
KTH Royal Institute of Technology104
Uppsala University117
Study in SpainAutonomous University of Madrid159
University of Barcelona166
Autonomous University of Barcelona193
Study in FinlandUniversity of Helsinki110
Aalto University140
University of Turku285

Apart from these 10, Denmark, Ireland, Austria and Poland also feature with their respective Universities in the list of top Universities in the world, making them lucrative options for the international students to study in Europe.

How long can I stay in a country with a Student Schengen Visa?

The visa permits its holder to stay in a Schengen zone for a maximum of 90 days. If your course of study lasts longer than that you have to apply for a Long-Stay Study Visa.

Take in advance that, according to the Schengen rules, you have to apply for the visa the earliest three months prior and the latest 15 days before your trip.


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