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Renovation of Skanderbeg Square Tirana (Albania), 2018

The main square of Tirana has been renovated with multi-coloured paving made with stones from different parts of the country. Awarded biennially, the European Prize for Urban Public Space distinguishes projects that create, revive, and improve public spaces across the continent. After evaluating 279 submissions for the 2018 competition, the jury ultimately gave first prize to […]

2018 European Prize for Urban Public Space…Tirana

2018 European Prize for Urban Public Space awarded to 51N4E’s Skanderbeg Square renovation in Tirana Related documents Panel 1  Panel 2 Panel 3 Panel 1Panel 2Panel 32018 Jury Minute_EN.pdf Previous state Like no other public space, Skanderbeg Square, Tirana’s nerve centre and symbolic site for the whole country, reflects Albania’s complex, convulsive history. “Skanderbeg” is […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina

PRONUNCIATION:BOZ-nee-uhns POPULATION:4.5 million (1992) LANGUAGE:Serbo-Croatian (Bosnian) RELIGION:Muslim; Eastern Orthodox; Roman Catholicism; Islam The Bosnian Pyramid Valley The Biggest Pyramid in the World Found in Bosnia The Bosnian Pyramid Valley THE BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS “Bosnian” refers to someone who lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. (This country is usually referred to just as “Bosnia.”) In the early 1990s, Yugoslaviabroke […]


WHERE IS ALBANIA? Albania is located in Southeast Europe and borders Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south/southeast. It also enjoys a long coastline along both the Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea. HOW DO I GET AROUND ALBANIA? Getting around Albania can be a bit […]


PRONUNCIATION:an-GOH-luhns POPULATION:11 million LANGUAGE:Portuguese; Ovimbundu; Mbundu, Kongo; Chokwe; other Bantu languages RELIGION:Christianity (Roman Catholicism and Protestantism); indigenous religious beliefs In 1482 the Portuguese established forts and missions along the west coast of the Republic of Angola. King Alphonso of the Kongo converted to Christianity and established friendly relations with Portugal. In 1575, the Portuguese sent convicted […]

There are 54 countries located in Africa

Africa   America Asia Europe Oceania Antarctic   There are 54 countries located in Africa   Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon   Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad  Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cote d’Ivoire Djibouti Egypt Equatorial Guinea   Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea   Guinea-Bissau     Kenya Lesotho Liberia Libya   […]

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